Links are essential for online postings

I really liked Chris Walden’s story “Legacy of Action” that focuses on suicide on campus, showing how a student government member has used his influence to create a Suicide Awareness initiative. This story has some good sources, offering perspectives on a sensitive subject and extending coverage of a story (mental health) worth following up.

I am also very pleased this story includes many links online, something the online staff has been working on. Our readers can gain more perspective, for example, on Eastern’s Counseling Center and the Center for Disease Control. We also link to a site created for a young woman who committed suicide, plus we link to stories on two people who, unfortunately, have struggled with mental health issues. Readers can learn more about this topic by clicking through. Links add layers to our stories. In reality, a 600-word print story has the same impact of one twice that size online thanks to the links.

We cannot ask our online editors to add all of these links, however. Each reporter needs to add a few to the end of stories as well. Let editors know where you found essential information or where one can learn more about your topic. That’s a big help for editors and readers. Keep up the good work.


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