Conduct Code

Daily Eastern News Conduct Code

All paid Daily Eastern News employees are expected to attend all staff training days in January and one additional training day per month. Absences from the January training sessions are excused only for illness, death in the family or covering an event for the DEN. DEN employees must contact the Editor in Chief if an emergency comes up that would prevent employees from performing their duties.

Being on call:
All DEN employees are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When agreeing to work for the DEN, employees are agreeing to always be accessible to cover breaking news, or anything else the editor in chief or editorial board requires of them in relation to their position’s duties. Because of this, DEN employees agree to always answer their phone when reasonably possible and return phone calls promptly. In the event of personal emergency, DEN employees should contact the Editor in Chief or Managing Editor if they cannot work at their scheduled time.

Office hours:
DEN employees are required to keep office hours. These office hours will be posted in the newsroom. If office hours are not fulfilled, employees will receive one warning. After the one warning, employees who do not fulfill office hours will be fired.

Alcohol and Drug policy:
DEN employees are forbidden from covering events while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances. DEN employees are forbidden from bringing any illegal substances into the newsroom. There is a zero-tolerance policy for any DEN employee covering any event while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or for bringing illegal substances into the newsroom. If either of these events occurs, the employee will be fired on the spot. If intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or possessing an illegal substance in the newsroom , the campus police will be called and the employee will be removed. If any DEN staff member knows of another staff member that has covered an event while under the influence of drugs or has brought illegal substances into the newsroom and does not reporter it, the staff member will be fired.

DEN employees are required to attend multiple weekly meetings and will only be excused from these meetings at the discretion of their immediate supervisor or the Editor in Chief. DEN employees are required to be in the newsroom no later than 2 p.m. on Sundays. In the event there is no school on Monday DEN employees are required to be in the newsroom no later than 2 p.m. on that Monday. There is a zero tolerance policy on aggressive behavior towards anyone within the newsroom. Aggressive behavior will result in termination.

The Editorial Board of the Daily Eastern News consists of the Editor in Chief, the Managing Editor, the News Editor, the Sports Editor, the Online Editor, the Photo Editor and the Opinions Page Editor. When the Editor in Chief is not in the newsroom, the Managing Editor is in charge and is to be treated as the Editor in Chief. These seven individuals are the senior most members of the staff and have control over their sections. All staff members are to respect their seniority and understand that when a senior editor tells them to do something, as long as it is ethical, it is to be done.

Editorial control:
The Editor in Chief of the DEN has final editorial control of all written, photographic, and design content. Section editors have control over their section’s editorial content and can only be overruled by the Editor in Chief, Managing Editor or News Editor. Reporters and photographers maintain the reproduction rights to their stories and photographs. This means DEN staffers may sell photographs or stories after they have run in the DEN or if the story or photo did not run in the paper. This does not mean that staffers who have used DEN equipment or facilities have the right to deny the DEN from using their content and have any editorial control over the photos or content.
As a representative of the DEN, I will make every effort to present both the paper and myself in the best way possible. I need to be aware that my actions have the ability to influence people’s opinions and the expectations of the DEN. I, the undersigned, understand the rules and regulations as they have been explained to me during DEN training and I accept the responsibility of serving on the DEN 2007 staff.


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