Editorial Board

Editorial Board Format
The Daily Eastern News editorial board will consist of the executive board members (editor in chief, editorial page editor, managing editor, news editor, online editor, photo editor, sports editor) and liaisons (staff members who volunteer). Those members will be required to attend meetings and will carry one vote each. Liaisons will not be voting members.

Although the board will consist of voting members required to attend, staff editors may attend a meeting to present any views they may have on a topic that falls into their area of expertise.

Possible edit ideas will be generated by soliciting views of the staff members. The edit page editor will come up with a list of topics for discussion at the editorial board meeting.

Edit writing staff
The edit page editor will have a staff of editorial “writers” just as the city editor has a crop of city reporters. The edit staff “writers” will be responsible for the researching and writing of editorials, and anyone can become an edit staff writing member upon approval of the edit page editor and the editor in chief. Editorial board members will serve as members of the editorial staff. The bulk of editorials will be written by edit staff members, although staff editors interested in writing a particular editorial may do so. Edit writing staff members are also required to attend meetings and take notes on topics discussed. The editorial editor will assign edits at the meeting.

Edit meetings
The edit page editor will monitor and lead discussion while the editor in chief will preside over the meetings. The voting members and any staff members who attend the meetings need to be informed on the topics before the meeting. Staff members need to formulate individual opinions before the meeting and be prepared to support those views.

Once a general direction for an editorial has been reached (a vote taken if necessary), the edit will be assigned and the board will move to the next topic. The person assigned to write an edit will be responsible to further research a topic, if necessary, and finish the writing process. Edit meetings will take place on Sunday unless otherwise specified.


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