Hearst Contest

You can earn up to $5,000 for your best work in the Hearst Journalism Awards program by simply sending it to me. As an accredited program, we can submit two pieces of work for each category in print, photo and multimedia. The deadlines roll through the semester, but they are posted across the news room on various posters. You can also check them out online by clicking here.

Send me your best portrait/personality feature photos by Oct. 23. And give me your best feature story by that same date so I can get them to the Heart folks by deadline. I also need editorials/columns by Nov. 15 in-depth stories by the end of the semester. This work can include what you published at internships.

DEN staffers have placed in the top 10 for several categories during past years, earning staffers a minimum of $500. So send me an original copy of the story with a full page tearsheet or a printout if they were published online. Click here for full rules and requirements.

All Hearst Journalism entries will be judged on the following points:
* Writing ability
* Knowledge of subject
* Understandability
* Clarity
* Depth
* Focus
* Reporting In-Depth
* Construction
* Versatility
* Photographic quality
* Human Interest
* News Value
* Originality
* Editing skills
* Broadcast skills

And click here for categories and deadlines. Please, send them in quickly before you forget.


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